Why An MBA Degree Is Beneficial For Public Administration

By Yolanda Stenson

Government policies implementations are made possible because of the public administration. Through the different departments under the head office, daily operations are monitored if everything is working as it should be.

There are different levels of organization or offices in a government. These offices are run by people called administrators who are accountable for the proper implementations of the projects and plans in their respective offices. These people are called public servants as they are employed and paid by the public.

If public sectors are governed by people employed by the government, private sectors are governed by people employed by private organizations. Private sector administrators' role is to facilitate the flow of activities of the organization. Some are called managers such as in business while some are called officers such as in cooperatives.

To have a chance to work as a manager in some business companies is a good opportunity, but you have to have experience in this field of work to be considered. In addition, a degree in business administration like MBA is also important. It would be very difficult to get this type of job if you don't have the experience and the degree.

A higher or better pay is always the main objective for someone looking for a job. If you work in a public sector normally your salary is lower compared to if you work in a private company. But if you have a Masters degree, there is a possibility for you to get higher position and eventually a higher pay. Years of experience will also give you a higher salary.

To pursue a career in public administration, you have three main choices such as local community development, town management and to be a public researcher and analyst.

As a public administrator under the community development office, you are in charge in the implementation of programs which are geared towards the enhancement of the well-being of the public. This includes programs such as social awareness on drug addictions. To be in the research development section, you are responsible in on the experimentation of some programs and at the same time, assessing them if they are beneficial to the general public.

A city manager needs to have very good communication skills because his work includes a lot of interactions with the different offices to follow up that every operation in the city government is going smoothly.

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