Two Measures To Make Homemade Logo Printed Noise Makers

By Neela Vazzana

A party will never be whole without a promotional noise maker at hand. Truly, these fun items can surely offer any party a little twist. In addition, these products can also be a good party favor that you can eternally hand out to the people who attended your event like birthdays, New Year, St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving. If you want some fun promotional noise maker, you can eternally purchase these items in some party favor and craft stores. Plus, if you think that these might be a little out of the budget, you can permanently forge your own. Here are some ideas that you might want to mull over.

How to Make a Personalized Noise Maker Using Pet Bottles

Materials Needed:

Pet Softdrink Bottles Beads/Stones Decorative Materials Customized Stickers Paint Paintbrushes Used Newspaper

Step One. Get the empty pet bottle and clean it dry. You can have tissue or a small towel to wipe the inner part of the bottle.

Step Two. Collect diverse breeds of beads or stones. Make sure that the stone that you will capitalize on are the shiny ones.

Step Three. Simply put the beads or the stones inside the pet bottle and close it with the lid.

Step Four. Decorate your custom made noise maker by putting custom printed stickers one and some ribbons, sequins and other decorative materials.

How to Design a Custom Printed Noise Maker Using Old Plastic Tumblers

Materials Needed:

Used Plastic Tumblers Beads/Stones Decorative Materials Customized Stickers Paint Paintbrushes Used Newspaper Stick Hot Glue Glue Stick

Step One. Gather all the equipments and clean the used plastic tumblers dry.

Step Two. Get a thick stick that has the same size as the straw. Using the hot glue fix it inside the tumbler and let it stand. This will look like a straw but it will actually serve as the handle for your custom noise maker.

Step Three. Just arrange the beads or the stones inside the tumbler and close it with the lid putting to use the hot glue.

Step Four. Decorate the noise maker shaker capitalizing some decorative materials that you have and turn it upside down and shake.

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