Thirty Ways To Feast On National Humor Month

By Neela Vazzana

We all deserve to be ecstatic. We all deserve to smile. As what they keep lamenting, "laughter is the best medicine". Without a doubt, it is proven true. Laughing could surely take the stress out of our minds. Such act produces endorphins in our body. This is the similar hormone that is secreted by the pituitary glands when we exercise. No wonder why we feel good when we exercise. Speaking of being happy and laughter, don't you know that April is the observation of National Humor Month? Yes, for sure, you'll be surprised to see some promotional products being given out to people that indicates such kind of exceptional holiday.

The whole month of April is composed of 30 days. That means that you have 30 ways to do anything that can make other people know about the National Humor Month and how you can make people delighted as well as yourself. Here are the 30 ways to make people happy for the honoring of such unprecedented holiday.

1. Crack a joke to friends.

2. Write jokes. This will serve as a logo printed good that you can hand your friends about the existence of National Humor Month.

3. Crack jokes on Facebook.

4. Set up quite a number practical jokes on your friend. You should consistently remember to take the funny moment on video.

5. You can also do some frank calls to your parents, siblings and friends

6. Simply devise a funny comic strip with your friends as the lead. This would be useful custom printed gift that you can easily give away.

7. Pose wacky on snaps.

8. You can also pull off funny movie marathon with friends.

9. Watch stand up comedy live.

10. Engage in laughter yoga.

11. Simply forge funny movie poster with your friends as the actors.

12. Throw a party where the entry is pass is a funny joke.

13. Forge funny t-shirts.

14. Make face in the middle of a conversation.

15. If you are a guy, dress like Lady Gaga and sing "Born This Way" in your funny best.

16. Compose and sing funny songs.

17. You can also implement your own comedy skit with friends.

18. Attain promotional items and pitch laughter. Imprint a funny face on it.

19. Hold a joke contest at home or work.

20. Impersonate eminent acts like Justin Bieber.

21. Make babies laugh.

22. Make fun of yourself on Facebook.

23. Collect jokes from the internet and blog it.

24. Make elders laugh.

25. Donate funny comics and books to your library.

26. Hold a joke contest within your circle of friends and the one who'll outsmart other will be the master for one whole day.

27. Dance in a really funny course of action.

28. Watch funny series all day.

29. Teach jokes to some totally humorless people.

30. Just laugh. It is truly possible primarily when you're in a middle of conversation with friends.

These are the 30 techniques on how you can remember the National Humor Month. Get you custom personalized commodities ready like pens and notepads and take note of these. If you find these things interesting then go ahead and laugh out loud.

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