The 10 Commandments of Link Building

By Maria Valenzuela

Link builders, webmasters, and bloggers have been flooded with different link building strategies that they have become so lost with which to use. Perhaps it's high time to go back to basics and examine the central idea of link building to get people to link to your real estate website and to get traffic of course. These guiding principles are what we call the Ten Commandments of Link Building.

There are many ways to build incoming links and unfortunately, some link builders are going the wrong way when it comes to seeking links. To avoid this time-waster, here are the ten most popular link building techniques:

1. Thou shall continuously increase the number of links and the number of linking domains to your real estate site.

2. Thou shall only use high quality links from trusted sites and pages with high PR like educational sites, government sites, and authoritative sites.

3. Thou shall use the landing page's target keywords as the anchor text of your links.

4. Thou shall acquire a good proportion of "deep links" not only to your real estate site's homepage, but also to interior pages.

5. Thou shall acquire links everywhere and acquire links from a mix of site types.

6. Thou shall focus on links that are currently relevant from your real estate sites / pages.

7. Thou shall seek out for links from sites that are geographically relevant.

8. Thou shall consider the number and nature of the links on the source page when acquiring links from trusted sites

9. Thou shall not waste time with link requests from bad neighborhoods.

10. Thou shall not waste your time fooling around with search engines by setting up a link directory with the intention of exchanging links with thousands of random sites.

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